Rich Oil in Our Family History

Howdy y’all! We are the family behind Rich Oil, 3 generations of girls, born and raised in Houston, TX. 

Rich Oil was originally created by our grandfather, Mr. Frank Waters, back in the 1950’s. The original recipe was put through clinical trials and tested on monkeys to prove the efficacy to promote healing burns. Sending love to those poor burned monkeys!

We always had Rich Oil in our family and used it on everything from burns to bug bites to rashes, really any skin issue, it was always - Rich Oil to the Rescue! It was our magic fix-all.
Once we started to run out of our family supply, we knew we had to make more - we can’t live without it! Now, we’re delighted to share our secret family recipe with the world!
One of our favorite stories is when Dawn was 2, she was stung about 30 times by yellow jackets (crazy Texas wasps) and she was inconsolable! It was awful! So, we quickly poured Rich Oil all over her, and her tears evaporated almost instantly as the Rich Oil went to work. Within 30 minutes you couldn’t even tell where she was stung! Magic!

We hope that you enjoy Rich Oil as much as we have. Please follow us and reach out - we’d love to meet you!